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Cyber Security Courses Sydney-8 Benefits of Seeking a Career in Cyber Security


While most students are busy pursuing generic career paths there are still a few subjects left that are fun to learn and have good demand in the market. You might not believe me when I say this but Cyber Security is one of the booming subjects right now in the market.

The future is digital, no wait, it’s the present. People don’t fight wars with weapons anymore, they fight with hackers, malware, and online tools. This means you have the opportunity to learn cyber security and become a war hero. 


Before you start looking for cyber security courses Sydney let me give you a detailed brief about what the course is and how it can benefit you. 


Cyber Security Definition

By studying cyber security you will learn all the possible ways to protect your computer’s operating system, software, data, and networks from cyber-attacks. In fancy words, you’ll become a tech savior. 


You’ll also learn the process of monitoring your systems, this way you’ll be aware of upcoming threats and can easily mitigate them. I know that everything sounds all simple and trust me it is.


In each module, you’ll be taught specific lessons so you’ll have to keep focus. Over time you’ll adapt with all the computer skills that you need to protect everyone’s data and privacy just by preventing cyber attacks. 


What Will You Learn In The Cyber Security Course

Cyber security is a trendy subject for the youth and keeping it in mind all the topics were kept relevant. But there’s a catch, the curriculum in cyber security is very different from other programs. In fact, many colleges and universities are still trying to figure out what the right curriculum should be for cyber security.


Some institutes are prioritizing programming while others are confident that security policies and digital forensics will do the trick. Nevertheless, the broad aspects of cyber security are also important. 


However, from reliable resources, we’ve created a list of topics that you must learn in our cyber security course in Sydney.

  1. Data analysis basic to intermediate
  2. Basic scripting
  3. Introduction to Programming
  4. Cyber Defense
  5. Cyber-threats
  6. Fundamental Security Design Principles 
  7. Information Assurance Fundamentals 
  8. Introduction to Cryptography 
  9. IT Systems and its Components 
  10. Networking Concepts 
  11. Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Compliance 
  12. System Administration


These are some of the basic modules that you have to learn in our cyber security course, however, we’ve kept the advanced courses for the master’s degree level. In the advanced section, you’ll get in-depth knowledge on Cloud computing, forensic accounting, cryptography, etc. 


When considering any Cyber Security degree, you must check out every curriculum of each program. This way you’ll get to know what topics they contain. Make sure they include programming courses and choose the ones that offer you hands-on experience, this will be valuable both for you and for future employers.


We have been investing in cyber security courses for the last few years so that people who are new to cyber-security can have access to interactive classes with extremely skilled facilitators, and internships in well-established cyber-security companies. Moreover, there will be many grooming sessions too for further improvements. 


Back in the day, cyber security wasn’t considered something important, so they didn’t even include it in academic books. Many students used to learn cyber security using the internet. Right now when everyone understood the importance of it, everyone is keen on learning it. 


So don’t be afraid to start your career with a cyber security degree. It will teach you more than what you think also you can develop a lot of skills outside your academic curriculum. 


How long will it take you to finish these Cyber Security Courses? 


The course timeline depends on which degree you want to pursue. 

If you’re looking to acquire a bachelor’s degree in cyber security then it will take you up to 3-4 years in a cyber security course in Sydney.

If you’re looking to get a Diploma in Cyber Security then it will take you around 1-2 years.

Lastly, if you want a master’s degree in cyber security then it will take you around 1-2 years.


Requirements to Enroll in Cyber Security Course Sydney

The admission process of getting enrolled in our course is given below.


Bachelor in Cyber Security

– Must have an IELTS score of 6.0 minimum or Tofel score of 70 minimum

– Minimum academic GPA should be 3.0

– Two recommendation letter

– Personal statement of academic intent

– Online interview


Diploma in Cyber Security

– Must have an IELTS score of overall 5.5 or equivalent

– Must be at least 16 years old

– Australian Year 10 completion or equivalent education


Eight Key Benefits of pursuing a career in Cyber Security  

Now that we know how and why you need to enroll in the cyber security courses Sydney, here are some amazing benefits that will increase your motivation. 


No 1. Work Remotely

In cyber security jobs, you won’t need to go outside for work, there are millions of employers out there who are providing remote positions. 


After 2020 everyone is now familiar with the term remote working and work from home. While many organizations are still arguing about which one works best, the role of cyber security is still increasing remote.


So if you want to work at a place that will allow you to travel and move wherever you want, whenever you want then a cybersecurity career is a perfect choice for you. You can continue working at a job you love and do it from wherever you are in the world. Spend your time however you want while working vacations and month-longs overseas.


No 2. High-End Salaryhigh end salary in cyber security jobs


According to many reliable resources, the average salary for a cybersecurity professional is more than $110,000 annually. However, this will vary depending on your location, experience, and employer. Right now after completing the cyber security course in Sydney, most cybersecurity professionals are earning around $70,000 annually. 


Some cybersecurity professionals also earn over $300,000 annually, well that’s because they have several years of experience in the workforce. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a high-end salary from the start but the growth rate is definitely high. Gaining more experience will increase your chances of getting a higher salary.


No 3. A huge number of Job availability

I’ve already mentioned this before, the demand for cyber security jobs is increasing every day. Every country and every company has started to identify the need for cyber security professionals, this means you’re never going to run out of opportunities.


While most graduate students are struggling to find a job in their market, cyber security courses Sydney graduates are joining companies here and there right after getting out. 


The availability of jobs gives you plenty of options. You can work from home or the office. They even offer you hybrid jobs. Do you want to join as a freelancer? Or maybe a part-timer? That’s available too. 


You have zero reasons to be concerned about your future because you will be learning the best topics and getting the best jobs with cyber security courses in Sydney. 


No 4. Work-Life Balance Guaranteed

work life balance in cyber security jobs 

We all know that work/life balance is not possible, especially in private jobs, however, the story is different in terms of cyber security jobs. 


Graduated professionals from cyber security courses Sydney have claimed that they are able to achieve a very real work/life balance. They work around 40 hours and sometimes even less and spend the rest of the time with family members. Sounds crazy but that’s the truth. 


Many employers are taking good care of their employees and giving them more time to spend moments with their families. This only indicates that cyber security is a very respected job. 


So without any worries, you should be able to find a job in cybersecurity that meets your work-life balance goals. But if you find a job that doesn’t, you can readily move on to one that does.


No 5. Recruiters will come to you

This might sound like a myth but it’s not. A lot of cybersecurity professionals get amazing offers and contacts from recruiters around the world. They are happy with their jobs, but then one day companies like Google or meta call and offer them a job. It sounds magical but it happens. 


Wight now with the help of LinkedIn and the demand for cybersecurity professionals, employers will be searching for you here and there. On top of that, they will be willing to pay signing bonuses and moving expenses.


Cybersecurity professionals with the right skills and qualifications will be filtered out by recruiters and companies. It’s very powerful to have offers come your way that you weren’t looking for. It may cause you to be willing to take a risk and try something new, or realise that you can make more money than you thought. 


Many professionals in the field believe that once you get more certifications or more than five years of experience, that’s when the recruiters start noticing you. That may or may not be the case, but certainly, there are plenty of professionals that are getting multiple offers, without seeking them out.  


So position yourself with the right in-demand skills and the right qualifications, and recruiters may start contacting you too. Good luck. 

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No 6. Job Security


Choosing a career in cybersecurity will be a wise decision. Everyone knows the importance of data and privacy so the demand is increasing every day. If you can claim to be one of the best cyber security professionals, people will vouch for you.


According to Institute for Systems Research, there are 2 cyber attacks nearly every minute. The study processed through thousands of computers with internet connections and concluded that the computers were attacked on average 2,234 times a day. 


Even Forbes claimed that employees are behind 74% of cyber attacks committed. On top of that, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the annual global cost of cybercrime is projected to exceed $8 trillion by the finale of 2022. 


This only means one thing, companies are in need of constant protection from cyber criminals. And so cybersecurity offers you both profitable and promising career options with no signs of termination. 


No 7. Variety of roles  


Cyber security is not just a single portion, it has varieties of roles that you can fit into. At first, even though I thought that it was a narrowed profession but inside it, there are many opportunities. 


There are roles such as Incident responder, Security Administrator, Vulnerability Assessor, Cryptographer, Security Manager, Security Architect, Chief Information Security Officer, Security Analyst, Security Auditor, Security Director, Forensic Expert, Penetration Tester, Security Consultant, Security Engineer, Source Code Auditor, etc. 


You can select any role from these varieties of specialties or arrange your work so that you only ever have to work with the things that interest you. With so many roles available, it’s much less likely that you’ll get bored of your work. 


A career in cybersecurity avails you of a lot of challenges and often requires problem-solving skills, so there are no boring days. You’ll be working with a lot of new technologies, and software, or you can choose to focus on a specific technology that you enjoy in particular. 


Whichever role you choose to fill in the cybersecurity world, you’ll definitely have fun working on it. 


No 8. You’re your own boss

be your own boss by pursuing cyber security courses

If you’re one of those individuals who hate to work for someone else, you might want to continue reading. According to our cyber security courses Sydney graduates there are a few job roles that offer you self-employment opportunities. Yes, you’ve heard that right.


You can choose to work as a subcontractor for a company and set a limited time period where you will function as an employee. You’ll bill the company for your services at a higher rate and there will be no one to boss you around. 


On the other end, you can also start your own cybersecurity company and provide other services. Or maybe you can become a consultant, who knows?


There are plenty of self-employment opportunities in cybersecurity, you just need to know where you fit in.


So these were the eight benefits of seeking a career in cyber security. Moreover, you’ve also learned how you can enroll in our cyber security courses Sydney. 


Don’t be afraid to try out something new, if you start your career in cyber security today, trust me, you’ll be a highly demanding professional when everyone jumps into this career path. 

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