Living In Australia

Australia lives up to its stereotype – Sun, fun, beaches, and friendly people everywhere. But it is so much more than that. With a rich history dating back 60,000 years, Australia offers a diverse mix of cultures from all over the world.

Australia is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time, want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country. Known for its easy-going lifestyle, Australian’s find the perfect balance between efficient productive work-lives and fun-filled social lives with a strong focus on well-being!

The main cities offer all kinds of services, work, and leisure activities in a relaxed and spacious environment (population density is more than sustainable, even in the cities). The whole country has only 26 million people but is geographically as big as the whole of Europe. What’s more, towns and cities are often surrounded by the impressive beauty of Australian nature: beautiful beaches, an ocean within reach, and boundless spaces and landscapes that look like they’re from another world!

Australia is a country where people from all over the world can experience living in a modern nation. It is a nation where people from all over the world come together in a creative, energetic, and forward-thinking setting.


With 26 consecutive years of uninterrupted growth, the Australian economy is one of the real economic successes of the last 50 years. The vast majority of the population is comprised of the middle class. There are many job opportunities within everyone’s reach, thanks to a varied and rewarding work culture.

In this context, ample space is also given to foreign workers; so much so that 1 out of 3 were not born in Australia. The rate of unemployment is very low. In some cities, as far as young people and international students are concerned, it is even zero, precisely because temporary jobs are never lacking


Australia is the fourth happiest country on the planet, making its lifestyle one of the most known and envied in terms of carefree living. No hectic pace from a big metropolis and a perfect balance between work, family, and leisure time. This balance makes it possible to spend a majority of time engaging in outdoor activities rather than on work or deadlines. Whether it’s a barbecue in the sun or a surf in the ocean, Australian culture will surely entertain you and leave you with a smile.

Unfortunately, this Aussie lifestyle also has a huge side effect; it’s addictive! Often, those who have had a taste of the Down Under mentality struggle to separate from it once they return home.


Australia is, by nature, deeply multicultural. The continent has, in fact, been populated thanks to immigration over the last two centuries. Foreigners to Australia come from all over the world: one in four people have no Australian origins.

This means that, as a foreigner in Australia, you will never feel alienated from its society because diversity is considered a strength. The advantage is obvious – if you are good and have the right attitude, have a positive personality, and speak English well (you don’t need to have perfect knowledge), you should be able to find excellent job opportunities.


The world-class education industry, combined with a fantastic climate, dream beaches and a world-famous lifestyle, make Australia the third most sought-after destination for international students.

Home to many prestigious universities, seven of which are cited among the top 100 on the planet, Australia offers top rated study and training. Whether it is an English language, professional or university course, Australia has a course that will meet your needs and expectations.

If English isn’t your native language and you didn’t participate in an English Language course, the opportunity in this English-speaking country would be wasted.

It is not surprising that the education sector is one of the five sectors seeing the greatest growth. This is thanks to the great attention paid to it by the Australian Government and the facilities for foreign students, such as scholarships and grants.

Living in Australia means encountering many opportunities; it is a young, multicultural and open country with an ever-growing economy.

Australia’s quality of life and unrivalled natural beauty make it the ideal destination for you if you have ever dreamed about improving your future.

 For Sydney

Life in Sydney

Experience the world’s third most liveable city*


Set around the world’s largest natural harbour, Sydney is home to beautiful golden beaches, worldclass museums and art galleries, delicious fresh food, and a calendar of exciting events and festivals.

*2019 Global Liveability Index, which includes factors such as stability, culture, environment, education, infrastructure and healthcare.

Sydney is:

1.Beautiful: Sydney’s natural beauty is world-renowed, from the stunning Sydney Harbour to our iconic beaches.  We’re also home to gorgeous national parks, where you can encounter Australian wildlife, hidden waterfalls, and private beaches.  Why not try the new Bondi to Manly walk, an urban coastal walk which will take you past some of our most iconic landmarks.

2.Safe: Moving away from home can be daunting, so it’s important that you feel safe in your new home.  Sydney was rated the fourth safest city in the world, in the Economist’s Safe Cities Index 2021.

“I think Sydney is safe, it’s beautiful and it’s the perfect place for someone to kind of figure out how to be themselves – I love Sydney, I love it all,” says Yasmin Samiee, a student from Canada.

3. Multicultural: We’re proud to be a vibrant, diverse and inclusive city. In fact, only 17% of people in Sydney were born in Australia (2016 census). This multiculturalism has shaped our food, shops, customs, hobbies and cultural scene.  The University is surrounded by international cuisines and grocers. Within a short walk, you’ll find Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, Greek, Lebanese and Turkish restaurants.  There are also streets and suburbs with strong communities from specific countries.

4. Vibrant: You’ll never run out of things to do in Sydney. Spend your weekends exploring our array of museums, art galleries, music venues, theatres, festivals and annual events.  For the fashion-lovers, we’re also home to designer fashion, unique boutiques, outlet stores, markets and bustling malls. 

We’re also well-connected, with a number of daytrips accessible by public transport. Take a ferry to Manly, or catch a train to the World-Heritage listed Blue Mountains or pristine South Coast beaches. 

“It’s a big international city and there’s a lot for you to do here, but then there’s also a lot of nature very close by,” says Ben Ross, a student from Melbourne.

5. Welcoming: Australians are known for being friendly, welcoming and hospitable.

“Even though I was 10,000 miles from home I felt at home right away,” says Sally Gillis, a student from the US. “Australia is such an amazing country and I was able to learn so much about it and see a lot!”

We have a number of programs and extracurricular opportunities to help you settle into life and make friends at the University of Sydney.

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