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Reasons Why an Education in Sydney, Australia is Perfect for Filipino Students


Studying abroad offers a wide range of opportunities for people. By attending a university in a foreign country, you become more immersed in different cultures. This enriches your experiences and lets you see the world in a different light. Studying abroad is also an excellent way to improve your current skill set to help you get better career opportunities in the future.

Australia is among the top countries to go to if you are a Filipino who wants to pursue higher education abroad. In fact, the most populated city in the nation, Sydney, is a popular academic hotspot for international students who wish to attend a foreign university. Here at South Sydney College, we offer various courses to Filipino students. If you want to study in Sydney, Australia, our school is here to welcome you.

What Makes Sydney, Australia a Great Place to Study In?

Located along the country’s east coast, Sydney is well-known as one of the best destinations that tourists want to visit. The city is famous for its beautiful beaches and iconic landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, one of the most recognizable architectural marvels today. However, aside from being a popular tourist destination, Sydney is also one of the 10 best cities to study in.

According to a report by QS Top University Rankings in 2019, Sydney remains to be highly desired by students who want to pursue higher education abroad. The report emphasizes the city’s carefree lifestyle and calming sceneries as the top reasons people want to study there. Attending a university or local college in Sydney offers more than just a relaxed academic life, though. Here are a few more reasons:

Academic Excellence

If you want to pursue further studies abroad, then you would most likely choose a place that offers high-quality education. Australia fits the bill perfectly! The country, after all, sets an international standard for academic excellence, which is proven by the sheer number of its top-ranking schools. Out of the 43 universities in Australia, six are always considered to be among the world’s best.

However, this does not mean that only the biggest and most popular universities in the country are good. All schools, including local colleges in cities like Sydney, follow an effective and forward-looking model in teaching their students. The nation’s education sector also receives adequate funding to ensure that both teachers and students are given access to state-of-the-art learning materials.

Australian schools offer student-focused education and promote active learning. This means that educators will gauge whether their teaching methods are effective. If not, they will use new techniques immediately and even adjust their lesson plans if necessary. This process ensures that no student gets left behind, and everybody understands the lessons perfectly and is not having difficulties in learning.

Educators have a very active role in guiding their students in the right direction, as well. Universities and colleges embed “employability” plans in their lessons. In some schools, they teach students how to compose themselves during interviews and write compelling resumes. Other institutions, meanwhile, offer counselling sessions so that teachers can provide necessary career guidance to their students before graduation.

If you want to study in Australia, you can apply for a degree program here at South Sydney College. We are an educational institution in Sydney that offers different courses to international students from various parts of the world. Our campus is equipped with facilities and equipment that will help you in your studies. Contact us today for more information.

School-Life Balance

As a student, you do not need to be confined inside an air-conditioned classroom 24/7. Higher education institutions in the country promote taking regular breaks to protect your physical and mental well-being. Thankfully, Sydney is a city where you can find places to unwind and relax for a few hours or so. The temperate weather year-round allows you to travel around either alone or with a group of friends.

There are many travel options for those who want to explore the city while taking a quick break from their studies. You can simply walk if you are just going to a nearby park. It is also possible to take buses if you want to travel a little far to visit a museum or art gallery somewhere. Metros and light rails are available, too, if you want to go out of town. Lastly, ferries are there to take you on a cruise if you have some money to spare.

South Sydney College is a higher education institution that welcomes international students from around the world. If you are a Filipino who wants to study in Sydney, Australia, you are very much welcome here at our school. Contact us today to learn about the different degree programs that we offer. You can also get in touch with us to learn about the application process.

Diverse Culture

Sydney is inhabited by over 5 million people, and about 250,000 of them are students that come from around the country and all over the world. There are tens of thousands of international students in the city, and they come from different nations, like China, Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. By attending a school in Sydney, you can be exposed to diverse cultures and meet people from different places.

Sydney is very welcoming to students from foreign lands, and you will never feel alone while you are here to pursue higher education. You will be encouraged to mingle with people from different nations and learn about their cultures as well. It is not impossible for students from various countries to meet and form life-long friendships that will last even if they are no longer schoolmates.

If you wish to pursue further studies in Australia, contact us here at South Sydney College. We are an educational institution that can provide you with different certificate and diploma courses that they can use to improve their current skillsets. Our school has its doors open to Filipinos and other international students who want to study in Sydney, Australia. Feel free to get in touch with us today to learn more about our institution.


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