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Apply for Student Visa

Now you are ready to apply for student visa, you may seek assistance or advice from Registered Migration Agent to help you apply for student visa. Following are information to apply for student visa:

Please visit below link to find more about visa application requirements:

  • Passport
  • Academic documents
  • CoE document
  • OSHC document
  • Visa application charges
  • Above listed GTE documents

To apply for student visa, visit:

Provide all supporting documents with the visa application. Any missing documents may delay the visa application or result in rejection.

After submit your student visa application, you will receive instruction from Department of Home Affairs to provide Medical test and Biometrics test for the authorized providers.

Following are the three possible outcomes of student visa application:

    • Visa Grant
    • Request for further documents: Visa Case officer may request further documents.
    • Refusal: if there are any fraudulent documents, insufficient funds or incomplete documents Department of Home Affairs may refuse the visa application.

Visa Grant Next Step

If you receive visa grant, now you need to prepare to enter in Australia including booking for airfare, finding accommodation, transport from airport to accommodation in Australia etc.. You may contact your agent or email us: [email protected] or call us: +61-2-85998866. All the best with your student journey at South Sydney College (SSC).

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