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Meet the Team

AHMG Kibria

CEO & Principal

Kibria’s background in leadership and management, coupled with a Master of Business Administration, make him the perfect CEO to manage the team and drive success.

As the CEO, his role is highly dynamic and involves developing the business strategy in line with the goals of the marketing team. His professionalism, determination, and sound people skills have enabled the company to continue to grow, and most importantly, offer quality Australian vocational training to students from around the world.

His role encompasses a large range of responsibilities, from business admin and ensuring 100% compliance with Australian educational standards. He possesses an impressive business background, including a Master’s in Business Administration, which makes him an all-rounder.

Imran Hossain

Head of Operations

As the Head of Operations, Imran oversees the marketing team, ensuring that key goals and objectives are met. His responsibilities include brand awareness, brand integrity, and maintaining SSC’s business culture.

He also teaches Certificate IV in Business and the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and has an impressive student pass rate of 100%. His expert background in Marketing and lecturing has helped him become a key team player at SSC.

Yashpal Singh

SSC - Regional Student Recruitment Manager (Asia)

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +61-02-8599 8866

Yashpal Singh is the Regional Student Recruitment Manager (Asia) of South Sydney College (SSC). Yashpal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s in Public Administration.

Yashpal is a result-oriented professional with over 24 years of experience in the field of Operations Management, Client Servicing, Administrative Activities, Coordination, and Stakeholder Engagement. His passion, dedication, and work experiences make him suitable for the position who could lead the tasks in the vocational education and training sector in recruiting international students to further their studies at South Sydney College (SSC) Australia. He served for 24 years as Visa Officer at Australian High Commission in New Delhi, India.

His role and responsibilities are to train the internal staff to be capable of checking the framework of international students’ SOP and financial documentation. Develop and assess international students’ Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) documents and build good relationships with an agency in Southeast Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Philippines.

Yashpal is in pursuit of changing and making a difference toward international students’ dream of quality education studying at South Sydney College (SSC), Australia.

Andres Andrango

Marketing and Sales Manager (Australia & South America)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 416789136

Andres Andrango is Marketing and Sales Manager in Australia and South America. Andres holds a Commercial Engineering degree with a major in Marketing and a Certificate IV in E-commerce.

Andres is experienced in Customer Service and Business, he has worked in the largest banks and multinational companies in Ecuador for the past 9 years. Currently, he is responsible for managing and sourcing new agreements with Education agencies and students who want to improve their skills studying in the SSC.

He is always happy to talk and help you find the most suitable course for you.

Rupinder Kaur

Admin & Student Services Manager

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +61-02-8599 8866

Rupinder Kaur is the Student Service Administrator at South Sydney College (SSC). For over 10 years, Rupinder has been managing and supporting students’ services and administrative services for prospective participants, students, and staff across the organization.

Her duties and responsibilities are to assess and grant student admissions, liaise with potential students, and resolve different admin tasks daily. Rupinder’s passion, competence, and high-level knowledge make her exceedingly good at ensuring the smooth running of the entire administrative department. Rupinder is passionate and dedicated to supporting students throughout their journey at SSC.

Rupinder makes sure SSC students maintain student visa requirements and complete their studies successfully.

Nirmal Hamal

Marketing Specialist

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +61-02-8599 8866

Nirmal Hamal is the Marketing Specialist at South Sydney College (SSC). Nirmal holds a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons.) in Computing.

Nirmal joined South Sydney College as a Marketing Specialist to create advertising campaigns, pricing strategies and targeting the demographic data of their target audience to catch interest and invite local and international students to enroll at SSC.  He builds, maintains relationships, and answers questions from students, education providers, and migration agents in relation to admission at South Sydney College (SSC).

Nirmal provides the required information to prospective students to successfully enroll at South Sydney College (SSC).

Shreejana Koirala

General Accountant

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-8599 8866

Shreejana Koirala is the General Accountant at South Sydney College (SSC). Shreejana holds a Bachelor’s in Business Studies and a Master’s in Professional Accounting.

As the Accountant at South Sydney College (SSC), Shreejana Koirala is entrusted with overseeing and maintaining accurate financial records and adhering to regulatory requirements.

She plays a pivotal role in creating and refining crucial financial reports, collaborates with agents on commission payments, and oversees internal control systems to ensure compliance with financial regulations and policies.

Shreejana Koirala brings not just technical expertise but also a host of positive personal attributes to her role as an Accountant at South Sydney College (SSC). She is known for her meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that financial reporting is not just accurate but also insightful. Shreejana’s strong analytical skills enable her to identify trends and potential areas for improvement, contributing to the college’s financial efficiency and success.

Her proactive nature and ability to think critically allow her to anticipate challenges and develop proactive solutions, mitigating risks and ensuring smooth financial operations. Shreejana’s excellent communication skills facilitate collaboration with colleagues, agents, and stakeholders, fostering productive relationships and enhancing financial transparency.

Moreover, Shreejana’s dedication, reliability, and commitment to continuous learning make her a valuable asset to SSC, where she continuously strives for excellence in financial management and compliance.

Abdul Haseeb Zahid

Academic Trainer and Assessor: CIII Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology & Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +61-02-8599 8866

Abdul Haseeb Zahid is the Academic Trainer and Assessor in CIII Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology of South Sydney College (SSC). Abdul holds a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Technology, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, a Diploma of Associate Engineer in Automobile, and a Bachelor of Technology in Automobile.

Abdul is a licensed Motor Mechanic, for over 19 years in the Automotive Mechanics industry his passion and love make him continue to further his studies and become the qualified Academic Trainer and Assessor he is now. With all his qualifications Abdul is happy to share his knowledge and experience with his students to ensure that they are equipped and prepared in the Vehicle Mechanical Technology industry.

His role and responsibility are to train and assess local & international students enrolled in nationally accredited training programs and contribute to the continuous improvement of training and assessment material used within South Sydney College (SSC).

SSC trainers and assessors regularly participate in professional development activities and engage in industry experience to further their knowledge, skills, and experience to teach their local and international students.

AHM Shafiul Azam, MBA, CA

Academic Trainer and Assessor: Diploma of Business (Leadership)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-8599 8866

Meet AHM Shafiul Azam, a seasoned Academic Trainer and Assessor at South Sydney College (SSC). With a rich blend of academic qualifications, vocational expertise, professional credentials, and industry certifications, Shafiul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. He holds esteemed professional memberships, including being a Chartered Accountant (CA) with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a Full Member (MIPA) with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA NSW/ACT), and an Associate Member of CPA Australia. Shafiul’s dedication to staying updated with industry standards is evident through his numerous industry certifications. These include being an ERPsim Certified Instructor, a SAP Certified Application Associate, and holding certifications in Assurance for Enterprise Systems, Business Process Integration with ERP, and Accounting and ERP. As an esteemed author, Shafiul has contributed significantly to the field of education through his eBooks, focusing on integrating Artificial Intelligence into educational practices. His publications, such as “AI Roadmap for Academic” and “Innovation in Education: AI-Driven Assessment and Feedback Approaches,” highlight his commitment to enhancing teaching effectiveness and student engagement through innovative approaches. His involvement in academic committees and contribution to curriculum development and review ensure that educational content at SSC remains current and aligned with industry standards.

Masoud Tymouri

Academic Trainer and Assessor: Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  +61-02-8599 8866

Since early 2008, Masoud Tymouri has been training and assessing for several national and international RTOs in Australia. Masoud holds a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, a Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, a Bachelor of Business Major in HRM & IR, and a Master of Leadership and Management in Education. He managed to develop his knowledge for more than 28 years of practical experience in these fields. He is experienced in supporting students in every step of their learning journey, he is teaching students an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.

He is responsible for planning and delivering the curriculum to students by providing academic and course-related advice to students including marking assignments and individual support. His responsibilities are facilitating the delivery of specialized classes and courses by using teaching aids such as multimedia and computer tutorials, visual aids, and handbooks. Advising management on the progress of staff-in-training and the overall performance and quality of the training system. He has been passionate and committed to changing and empowering students to succeed in life.

SSC trainers and assessors regularly participate in professional development activities and engage in industry experience to further their knowledge, skills, and experience to teach their local and international students.

MM Sazzad Bin Afaz

Academic Trainer and Assessor: Diploma of Project Management

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-8599 8866

MM Sazzad Bin Afaz is the Academic Trainer and Assessor in the Diploma of Project Management of South Sydney College. Sazzad holds a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, a Diploma of Training Design and Development, a Diploma of Project Management, an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and a Master’s degree in Professional Accounting (MPA). He is a proficient communicator who thrives in a team environment and demonstrates the ability to train and assess local & international students enrolled in nationally accredited training programs and contribute to the continuous improvement of training and assessment material used within South Sydney College (SSC).

Previously, Sazzad had the opportunity to be a VET Trainer and Assessor of Leadership and Management, Project Management, Marketing and Communication, and Consultant for a Validation Team from other VET schools. He is keen on utilizing his teaching experience and academic knowledge. His goal is to make a positive contribution to his students. Moreover, he has industry base experience from being a Managing Partner and Customer Service Representative to Assistant Manager of Frontline Management makes him even more knowledgeable in being a VET Trainer and Assessor.

SSC trainers and assessors regularly participate in professional development activities and engage in industry experience to further their knowledge, skills, and experience to teach their local and international students.

Asm Saddim Hossain

Academic Trainer and Assessor: Diploma & Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-8599 8866

Asm Saddim Hossain is the Academic Trainer and Assessor in Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) and Advanced Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security) of South Sydney College. Saddim holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, an Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, a Bachelor’s degree of Information Technology and a Master of Education.

With his industry base experience as DocuCare Representative, Technical Service – Business Equipment Industry, Co-founder of Mobile Payment Terminal Provider Company and Director of Operations, Co-founder of a Digital Marketing Solution and Director of Operations, IT Security Specialist, and Data Security Administrator, that makes him even more knowledgeable and qualified in being a VET Trainer and Assessor. Moreover, Saddim used to be an Information Technology Trainer and Assessor for other VET providers. His expertise lies in successfully delivering nationally endorsed training packages/accredited courses and customized industry courses. His most recent qualification, Master of Education will help students learn by using latest learning techniques.

His responsibility is to give quality training in the classroom and assess students in their workplace, preparing appropriate training and assessment resources and also completing necessary compliance documentation and participation invalidation and moderation. To conjunct with the administration team to maintain students’ records. To associate with the Program Manager & Business Development, pursue opportunities for growth, promotion, and development of vocational education and training provision.

SSC trainers and assessors regularly participate in professional development activities and engage in industry experience to further their knowledge, skills, and experience to teach their local and international students

Isikeli Vuniwaqa

SSC Regional Representative (Pacific Islands)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +679 808 2219

Isikeli Vuniwaqa is the Regional Representative (Pacific Islands) for South Sydney College (SSC).

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science, a Graduate Certificate in Education, and Post Graduate Diploma MBA in HR from the University of the South Pacific.

A highly motivated leader with over 30 years of experience in the education sector, Isikeli brought with him that leadership and administrative edge which is an added value to the team. His science background gave him the ability to correctly observe, analyze and make recommendations on situations and challenges that needed improvement. In addition, his rich cultural background made him the right choice to serve the students of Fiji and the Pacific.

His role and responsibilities involve promoting SSC to the wider Pacific community, liaising with potential students, assessing documents, and making recommendations for acceptance.

His passion and dedication to students’ welfare and aspirations are something that he loves to support and promote.

Frances Flores Midel

Marketing and Sales Representative (Philippines)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +639202300291

Frances Flores Midel is the Marketing and Sales Representative for South Sydney College in the Philippines. She has a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Studies making her a well-rounded team member who specialises in providing the right and updated information to aspiring Filipino International Students of SSC.


She has vast experiences from working with an Immigration Consultancy, Providing visa assistance on documentation, Representing an  Australian Institute to working with Non-Governmental International Organizations which has backed up her exposure to diverse sets of people. She uses a comfortable way of communicating with students through her knowledge of communicating with five local and international languages and being present whenever students and agents need her assistance. Her intention is to introduce lifelong opportunities to Filipino students whose goal is to have an Australian education qualification that will surely be a building factor for their long-term goals. Frances  is creating a community for Filipino aspiring international students promoting excellence, providing constructive assessments of the best-fit courses for students,  effective education, and the right opportunities at the right time. She is the bridge for Philippines-based agents with SSC and will make sure that the institute is on the map for high-quality education college choices for Filipino individuals.

Niki Thapa

Admission Consultant/Coordinator

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +9779864676417

Niki Thapa is the Admission Consultant/Coordinator at South Sydney College. With several years of experience in the education industry, her profound understanding of the intricacies of the admission process and up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and requirements in Australian education make her an invaluable asset to the college. Working closely with academic departments, the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) team, and college staff, Niki ensures a smooth and efficient admission process. Her keen eye for detail ensures that all documentation is meticulously reviewed, and any potential issues are addressed proactively. Her leadership skills shine through as she inspires and motivates her team, creating a collaborative and successful work environment. With her wealth of experience and passion for education, she stands as a beacon of support for all students who dream of embarking on a transformative academic journey at South Sydney College.

Etuate Dreli

Admission Consultant (Pacific Islands)

Etuate Dreli is the Admission Consultant in the Pacific Islands for South Sydney College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, a Graduate Certificate in Education, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of the South Pacific. His passion is to empower students to reach their goals through the power of Education.

Etuate’s career in education spans an impressive 7 years, during which he honed his teaching skills. His specialty lies in teaching science, where his analytical mind shines, allowing him to dissect problems and provide effective solutions. His cultural background is deeply rooted in the Pacific Islands which enables him to connect with potential students on a profound level and navigate the admission processes of each student. His ability to bridge cultural gaps is an invaluable asset in his role as an Admission Consultant at South Sydney College.

Shien Mendoza

Student Support Officer

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-8599 8866

Shien Mendoza is the dedicated Student Support Officer you can rely on at South Sydney College. With an impressive background in Human Resource administration, including valuable experience in supervisory roles, Shien brings a unique blend of skills to her position.

Beyond her administrative expertise, Shien has also ventured into the field of education, where she served as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. Her diverse teaching experience spans a wide range of students, from 6 to 60 years old for basic and conversational English, representing multicultural backgrounds including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese learners.

Shien is dedicated to ensuring that students receive the comprehensive support needed to excel academically and personally.
Her extensive experience and passion for education make her an indispensable asset to South Sydney College, and she stands ready to provide the expertise and support necessary for a successful academic journey.

Maria Gorbachenko

ELICOS Academic Manager

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61-02-85998866

Maria Gorbachenko is an ELICOS Academic Manager with over 15 years of experience, deeply passionate about education and dedicated to supporting international students’ academic journey.

With Masters degrees in Oriental Studies and Educational leadership, Maria has had the privilege of teaching and leading in diverse settings across Europe, China, and Australia.

Maria’s approach is all about creating a warm, supportive learning environment where every student can thrive. She believes in the power of collaboration and continuous improvement, always eager to create the best environment for students and teachers of South Sydney College.

Maria’s journey is fueled by her genuine love for education and her desire to ensure that every student achieves their best.

Mila Izyumskaya

General English Teacher

Email: [email protected]

Introducing Mila Izyumskaya, our exceptional General English teacher here at South Sydney College.

With a solid foundation in Linguistics and a natural aptitude for language acquisition and instruction, Mila is dedicated to empowering students to excel in English proficiency.
Her enthusiasm for teaching is palpable, and she takes great joy in fostering an engaging and encouraging atmosphere within the classroom.
Mila specializes in teaching Beginner and Elementary level students, leveraging her expertise to tailor instruction to meet the unique needs of each learner. She excels in discovering the most exciting and efficient methods to motivate her students while establishing a solid foundation in their English skills. Mila’s classes are known for their interactive and engaging nature, where students actively participate and thrive in a dynamic learning environment. With her keen attention to individual progress and dedication to student success, Mila ensures that each lesson is both enjoyable and effective.

Mona Jadidian

ELICOS Teacher

Email: [email protected]

Introducing Mona Jadidian, an ELICOS teacher in SSC with a Bachelor of ICT Engineering and a TESOL Certificate, currently pursuing a Master of Education at the University of Wollongong.

With a background in website development and management, Mona brings a unique blend of technical expertise and pedagogical insight to her teaching practice. Since 2016, Mona has been dedicated to guiding overseas students and non-English speakers in their language learning journey.

She specializes in teaching Beginner, Elementary, and Pre-Intermediate level students, employing interactive and engaging methods to foster comprehensive skill development.

Passionate about fostering student progression and satisfaction, Mona believes in creating an enriching learning environment through genuine connections and unwavering support. Beyond the classroom, Mona excels in organizing student outings and excursions, enriching the educational experience and promoting cultural immersion.

Join Mona for an educational journey in South Sydney College where every individual thrives and success is achieved through collaboration and empowerment.

Maria Truasheim

ELICOS Teacher

Email: [email protected]

Maria Truasheim is an accomplished ELICOS Teacher at South Sydney College (SSC), boasting a robust educational background and a wealth of teaching experience. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and philosophy, as well as a Master’s in Education (TESOL) from the prestigious University of Sydney, Maria brings an understanding of pedagogy and language acquisition to her role. Her academic journey has equipped her with an appreciation for the intricacies of human behavior and cognition, enriching her approach to language teaching and enabling her to effectively address the diverse needs of her students.

With over 7 years of service in the field of English language teaching, Maria is deeply committed to ensuring that each student under her guidance receives the personalized care and education they need to thrive. Maria devotes herself to creating dynamic and engaging learning experiences for her students. She understands the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where students feel valued, respected, and motivated to achieve their language learning goals.

Specializing in teaching Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced classes at South Sydney College, Maria leverages her expertise to tailor her instruction to meet the diverse needs of her students. Through innovative teaching methods, interactive activities, and authentic language practice, Maria cultivates a stimulating learning environment that encourages active participation and fosters linguistic development.

Dana Orrock-Binnington

ELICOS Teacher

Email: [email protected]

Dana Orrock-Binnington is one of the teachers in the SSC ELICOS team. With over 10 years experience providing quality training as an ESL teacher, Dana supports students in every aspect of their English learning journey through his passion for student engagement and dedication to fostering continuous improvements in language proficiency and cultural familiarity. Dana has a Bachelors of Media Arts, a TAE Cert 4. and is Cambridge CELTA qualified.

Nithya Prakash

Trainer and Assessor-Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design
My name is Nithya Prakash, and I am honored to serve as the trainer and assessor for the Advanced Diploma of Civil Construction Design at South Sydney College. With a rich background in civil engineering spanning both India and Australia, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our institution. Having pursued studies in both countries, I am deeply attuned to the nuances of the industry and committed to preparing our students for success in this dynamic field. I am passionate about bridging theory with practical application, fostering a learning environment that equips students with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of civil construction. It is a privilege to be a part of the South Sydney College community, and I look forward to contributing to the growth and success of our students.

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