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Your Personality Has A Very Big Influence Over Your Future Career. So decide What To Study!

It’s not always simple to decide what sort of job path to take. With so many alternatives available, the procedure might be daunting. You’ll need to do some introspection to select a degree & what to study that will lead to a future job you’ll like for years to come. 

Consider what interests you, whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or flexible hours, and what skills you’ll need to work in the fields that interest you.


Australia’s New Study Quiz System

South Sydney College has collaborated to create a new online tool to assist you in understanding your strengths and personality traits and how they apply to the workplace. The quiz only takes five minutes to complete. 

You will receive a personalized report that examines your top skills and suggests careers in various industrial areas. Rather than your existing talents, the Career Matcher considers your personality attributes. 

It will not limit you to occupations that build on your current talents, but will instead consider you as a whole person. For example, if you enjoy motivating people, it may offer managerial positions in a variety of sectors. 

Consider which sectors and industries pique your interest once you’ve received your report. Based on your replies to the survey, the Career Matcher report will suggest a variety of positions that you could be interested in.


Personality traits and your career

According to research, matching your profession to your inherent personality qualities might make you happier and more effective at work. It might even have a favorable impact on your earnings. 

Personality qualities can also have a significant impact on your job market performance. If you lack certain characteristics, they may be developed. Adaptability is a vital attribute for job success, according to research. 

There are numerous strategies to enhance or improve your adaptability, according to this study. One of them is to engage in proactive planning. To become a proactive planner, think about what talents you need to develop and where you may obtain job experience. 

Internships provide fantastic job experience, but you might also try volunteering or working part-time. Another attribute that will improve your adaptability is confidence. 

While it may be difficult to feel confident when you lack professional experience, consider the abilities you learned while studying. Be self-assured in your soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and time management, which you will have honed during your studies.


Deciding what to study

Some degrees make it simple to choose a job. A job in veterinary science, for example, appears sensible if you pursue a degree in that discipline. However, if you seek an arts degree, your employment options are nearly endless. 

Make this a priority while deciding on a degree. When making this selection, it’s a good idea to examine not just your hobbies but also your talents. If you’ve never been very good at arithmetic, an accounting degree might not be the greatest option for you! 

You might also inquire whether your local institutions or previous high school provide career counseling. Having a conversation with a career counselor is a wonderful method to obtain a better understanding of what you want to accomplish with your working life. 

Many educational institutions in Australia post alumni tales, so make sure to read those as well. These will provide you with insight into which fields of study can lead to certain types of professions and can be a source of inspiration. 

Choosing a job may be a difficult endeavor, but with some careful consideration and the correct information, you can learn which ones may be the most gratifying for you. The work is totally worth it!



The Australian Government’s official resource for overseas students is the South Sydney College website. The South Sydney College course search engine is the world’s most extensive of its type. 

It includes over a hundred registered courses from all sectors, as well as a comprehensive list of foreign student subsidies.

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