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Newly Updated Working Restrictions for International Students in 2023

There are thousands of international students residing in Australia and over the years they have been facing plenty of issues that were being discussed. Luckily the Australian Government talked about several issues that are causing disruption amongst international students at the recent Jobs and Skills summit. 

On Friday 2 September 2022, the government stated that the number of hours that international students can work will be limited once again in June 2023. This will reverse the temporary relaxation of restrictions that occurred in January this year.

However, a decision has not yet been made on what the cap will be. According to the government, this is an aim to find a suitable balance between work life and study life balance. 


Previous working restrictions for international students


It’s a good idea to be informed of past student visa limits so you’re not taken off guard when the new ones are implemented, even if they differ. Prior to the loosening of working-hour limitations, most foreign students could only work 40 hours per fortnight. 

Students were also not authorized to work before the start of their course, but they were free to work limitless hours during study breaks. Once their study began, Ph.D. and Masters by Research students enjoyed unlimited work privileges.


Current working restrictions for international students


There are presently no limitations on the number of hours you may work on a student visa. To alleviate labor shortages, the government agreed to remove working hour limitations in January 2022.

This implies that students can now work in any field for as many hours as they like. For further information, contact the Department of Home Affairs.


International students take on unlimited working hours?


We asked you for your thoughts on limitless working hours earlier this year, and the replies were mixed! Some students welcomed the move and appreciated the ability to set their working hours and earn more money. 

Others expressed worry about the distractions that work might cause kids and argued that learning should take precedence. However, there was a general agreement when it came to picking working hours as an international student.

The option should be left up to the individual, since only they know how to manage their schedules. This story will be updated when new information becomes available.

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